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Psychometric Assessment Services 

Psychometric assessments are a method of measuring an individual's cognitive and adaptive functioning, better understanding behavioural, emotional and psychosocial presentations. Psychometric assessment provides insights into your current presentation and helps us to formulate a diagnosis, and unique strategies tailored to your current presentation to assist in reaching your potential. 

Cognitive Assessments 

Cognitive assessments provide standardised data about your cognitive functioning. Is less complicated terms, this is a standardised IQ test. Cognitive assessments can be completed for anyone aged 2 years and 6 months old, all the way to 80+ years old. They provide insight into cognitive strengths and weaknesses, allow us to determine if there is a cognitive delay, or conversely they can assess for giftedness. Cognitive assessments can also form part of a comprehensive assessment of behavioural concerns or psychosocial difficulties. 


Academic Assessments

Academic assessments allow us to determine if school age child and young people are performing to the level we would expect of someone of their age and in their grade at school. This alongside a cognitive assessment allows us to identify any gaps in learning and assess for specific learning disorders. 


Psychosocial Assessments 

These assessments are completed to better understand any emotional or behavioural difficulties both adults and children may be experiencing. They provide us with insight into your specific presentation across a number of settings.


Adaptive Assessments 

These assessments provide insight into your daily living skills. These assessments are often completed alongside cognitive or diagnostic assessments to form a holistic view of your current level of functioning. 


Diagnostic Assessments 

Diagnostic Assessments are completed to determine the presence of a specific disorder, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). These assessments are often completed alongside other assessments to give us the best chance of understanding what is going on. 

Let's Work Together

This is just a glimpse into the different kinds of assessments we offer. All assessments are completed with you, and a comprehensive report is prepared outlining the results, and where to go next. If you are looking for an assessment, please contact us to discuss the assessment that would best suit your needs and the associated costs. 

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